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Washburn Water Tower Minneapolis

Eagles, knights and an ancient oak protect the Washburn Water Tower in Minneapolis.

Illuminated above by the sunrise, this is among the most iconic, fascinating structures in the city.  Like an eagle, it overlooks Tangletown, a swirling-streetscape of gorgeous homes nestled in the woods.

The eagles atop pay homage to their 1893 ancestor who took exception to workmen clearing the hilltop trees to construct the tower.  It attacked them, was injured in the melee, captured, and paraded around town.

The knights, called Guardians of Health, protect the purity of the water. 

The oak tree has been witness to it all.

Architect: Harry Wild Jones.  Sculptor: John K. Daniels.  Engineer: Wm S. Hewitt.

Location: 401 Prospect, Minneapolis.  Self-guided tour.


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