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Twin Cities Tours arranges private group tours of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, plus surrounding area.  Minimum group size is 20.

We do not post rates because there are too many variables, i.e., group size, length of tour, type of tour, etc.  We need this info before quoting.



Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the tour begin?  We encourage starting around 830 a.m. to 10 a.m.  This avoids rush hour traffic and allows for a much more relaxing tour.  Exceptions to this would be week-ends or holidays when there is little rush hour traffic.

How long does a tour last? We do require a minimum of 3.5 hours, which alllows sufficient time to visit both cities.  This includes an estimated 30 minutes for leaving the bus to walk about at attractions.  Know also that, since these a private tours, you call the shots, so if you wish for additional stops for eating or visiting more attractions, you are most welcome to do so.  We do offer a 20% hourly price break after five hours.

Where do we find you?  We come to you if you are staying in the Twin Cities metro area. 

How do we pay you?  We accept all major credit cards.  A 25% non-refundable down payment is due upon ordering your tour, with the balance due 2 weeks prior.

How many guests can you accommodate?  Two 55-passenger buses is our capacity.

Can we stop and take pictures?  Absolutely, again, you are the boss of us, so just speak up.  Also, since we have done so many tours, we are very aware of the favorite photo opportunities related to the Mississippi River, water falls, lakes, beautiful homes and so on and often stop at these.

Are there any particular do's and dont’s on a private tour?

  • DO...Have fun!  Let your guide know whenever you wish to stop for pictures, restroom, coffee, etc.  (You're the boss!)  Our wish is for you to be relaxed and have a good and memorable time.
  • DO mostly...Eating:  Feel free to bring along food.  The only exception is melty stuff like ice cream and chocolate.
  • DON’T... No smoking or alcoholic beverages permitted.
  • ARGH!  Cell  phones!!  Such a development in the tour business!  Ok, sometimes some person must have a conversation on the darn device.  However, if that is the type of person who shouts into the phone, we all wad up pieces of paper and fling it at them.  Meanwhile, the Good Lord also bequeathed us texting for which we are so grateful!

Is Twin Cities Tours insured?   We contract with area bus companies which carry insurance as required by USDOT.  This only covers you while on the bus.


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