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The Hidden Underground in Little Falls

Posted November 19, 2020 @ 7:02pm | by Doug

~~~ Tour Guide Notes ~~~

The Mississippi River flows through Little Falls, Minnesota.  And through Little Falls once flowed a pesky tributary, Fletcher Creek. 

In the 1890s, as the growing town pinched perilously close to the creek, its destiny and struggle with periodic spring flooding was established.  From the photo, we can be as fascinated as these town-folk by the attempted solution.

Those old wood-frame businesses were long ago replaced; however, many of those old subterranean spaces and, importantly, many of the artifacts remain beneath current businesses along the old creek channel.  

A stack of bowler hats by an ancient Singer Sewing Machine beneath what had been a drycleaners and tailor shop.  Below a bakery, a Kaiser Dial O Matic Pie Press for making pie crusts…with a fossilized pie crust still there!  A case of empty Coke bottles alongside a restaurant menu with 15-cent hamburgers and nickel-a-cup coffee.  A rack of pins from an old bowling alley. Even a tombstone for Anna Sofia 1862-1920!  Who was she?  So many stories down here.

Although visitors are not allowed in the area, this video [Backspace to return] will give you a 4-minute virtual tour. It includes a map of the old creek route, so you would be able to walk it through today’s downtown Little Falls.

If you stop by Pete & Joy’s Bakery & Coffee Shop, you will be where this old picture was taken.

By the way: Little Falls is also the boyhood home of the famous flyer, Charles Lindberg: yet another reason to visit Little Falls, Minnesota.



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