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Minneapolis, Minnesota - It's all about water!

Posted December 28, 2019 @ 3:32pm | by Doug

~~~Tour Guide Notes ~~~

The “minne” in Minneapolis, as well as in Minnesota, means water in the Dakota language. The “polis” is Greek for city, thus “City of Water.”

Minneapolis is dubbed The City of Lakes for its many lakes.  How many lakes?  The debate is never ending!  Well, to be a “lake” requires a minimum of five acres, in which case there would be 13 lakes.  But toss in those of less size, hence “ponds”, plus those only partially within the city limits, one can argue 22 in all.  Regardless, Minneapolis deserves its moniker “The City of Lakes”, even though one could easily insist on adding “...Rivers, Creeks and Waterfalls,” but that’s a mouthful.

Vitally important is that the Mighty Mississippi not only flows through town, but was historically the very cause for European settlement of Minneapolis’ very beginning, as well as St. Paul’s, which is 13 miles downstream. For Old Man River leaves Minneapolis through a lush valley (picture below) on its flow toward sister city Saint Paul before continuing on to Saint Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and at last to the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi River

Lake Harriet

In addition to the Mississippi River, plus the lakes, there is also the meandering Minnehaha Creek, a 26-mile stream originating in Lake Minnetonka to the west of Minneapolis, then snaking an easterly course toward a 52-foot cascade, Minnehaha Falls, just before joining the big river.

Minnehaha Falls

A drop of water leaving Lake Minnetonka will arrive in the Gulf of Mexico in about 90 days.

Significantly, water attracts beautiful neighborhoods and a parade of homes which delight the passersby.  The southwest quadrant of the city, known as “The Lakes Area,” is a jaw-dropping, sigh-producing architectural delight.  Hundreds of magnificent homes, all stunning, all cookie-cutter.  However, showcase waterside homes continue along Minnehaha Creek, as well as along the Mississippi River on the east edge of the city.

May you enjoy your excursion alongside all the minni in Minneapolis!



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