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Lakewood Chapel Minneapolis - Byzantine magnificence

Posted May 11, 2020 @ 12:04pm | by Doug

~~~Tour Guide Notes ~~~

If this chapel were somewhere in Europe, thousands of Americans would visit it each year...”  --- a visiting journalist in 1931---

I have guided thousands of Twin Cities Tours over the years, presenting multitudes of interesting attractions.  However, the reaction guests have upon entering Lakewood Memorial Chapel and first viewing perfect art, is blissful.

For nowhere else induces such a spontaneous sense of sacred silence.

The Chapel was designed by extraordinary Minneapolis architect, Harry Wild Jones, in 1908.

Its stunning interior is covered by 10 million tiny mosaic tiles designed by Charles and Ella Condie Lamb of Lamb Studios in NYC.  It is considered the most perfect example of Byzantine mosaic art in the US.

The tiles depicting angels, olive trees and other images were created and installed by six of Italy’s most highly accomplished mosaic artists.

The building’s acoustics are so perfect that if one stands directly beneath the dome and whispers ever so slightly, the voice resonates back perfectly.

Around the rim is a segment of a lovely verse from Song of Songs 4:6:  Until the day break, and the shadows flee away.



Note:  Chapel access is controlled by Lakewood staff, so call ahead for permission:  612-822-2171.

Text Credit:  The above information was in part taken from brochure “Lakewood Memorial Chapel A Visitor’s Guide”. PDF

Photo credits: Thumbnail and entrance doors,; Dome, Donald J. Olson


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