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Extraordinary birding at Salt Lake in western Minnesota

Posted June 19, 2020 @ 12:38pm | by Doug

~~~Tour Guide Notes~~~

Photo: tree swallow (one of 150 species at Salt Lake)

~~~How can there not be a celestial design lab?  A bird-watching trip with binoculars and camera to Salt Lake in Lac qui Parle County on the MN/SD border stirs up such meditations.

Some 150 species of feathered friends have been identified here.  To list a few: green- and blue-winged teals, spotted sandpiper, northern shoveler, long-billed dowitcher, yellow-headed blackbird, and the above-pictured tree swallow.

The brief video shows Wilson’s phalaropes group-dancing to stir up food from the muddy bottom.

There is no end to such fascination!

It is called Salt Lake for its high salinity level, 1/3 that of the ocean, which is unique from all other Minnesota lakes.  For this reason, the shallow 312-acre lake is rated one of the state’s top birding spots by The MN Ornithologist’s Union. The briny water is a byproduct of naturally occurring alkaline soils surrounding the lake.

Whatever the chemistry, the birds love it so much it becomes a favorite R&R stop on their seasonal sojourns northward and southward.

The most active watching period is in spring; but birding remains inspiring through fall.

The delicate lake is managed by the DNR to whom we say THANK YOU!

Video (11 sec – then back arrow to return)


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