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Best chocolate in Twin Cities made from honey!!

Posted April 30, 2020 @ 3:43pm | by Doug

~~~Tour Guide Notes~~~


Now that I have your attention...

Please allow me to buzz a bit about where, IMHO, the best chocolate is found in the Twin Cities.

The business name itself is savory to the palate: Mademoiselle Miel.  Isn’t that a delight?  “Miel” means HONEY in all the romance languages!

Mademoiselle Miel’s chocolate is not just your run-of-the-candy-aisle variety.  No, hers is based on honey…not white sugar.

And not just any honey, but honey loved, nurtured, and harvested throughout her own constellation of twenty-two hives scattered upon rooftops throughout the Twin Cities.  

Each hive contains some 60,000 bees (x 22 hives = 1,320,000 busy buzzers in all, all maternally embraced by this Queen Mademoiselle…aka Susan Brown).

And to your palate?  There is only one way to know that delight… via your own taste buds, who will thank you repeatedly.

Susan says she was born an artist to an encouraging mother.  She sees her endeavor as art. Palette and palate.

She sees her customers as appreciators, not consumers. “I really hope to encourage personal beekeeping,” she says, “as a practice for healing and an investment in the future.”

Mademoiselle Miel is located by the Minnesota History Center near downtown Saint Paul. 



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