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Twin Cities Tours began in 1995. It was founded by Twin Cities native Douglas Rosenquist --- historian, long-time chauffeur, city bus driver, radio sports announcer, and now veteran of thousands of sighseeing tours around the Cities. 

Here he is with his close, personal friend, Saint Paulite, F. Scott Fitzgerald.  

We have a couple of other guides as well...carefully selected and trained.  Very few can do this, because you have to know all the interesting things to talk about,of course, but talk about them in a mature, entertaining and pleasant manner.  But they also have to know what the heck to do when the construction barricades suddenly appear, and appear they suddenly do frequently and without much warning once the snow melts. 

We are not a HUGE conglemorate managed by some far-away corporation. *NO*  We actually live here!  We know the streets, the cool places, the pretty things.  We’ve felt the traveler’s pleasant reactions to the beauty of the Missississippi River gorge, the many lakes, the waterfalls, beautiful homes, sports stadiums, churches and cathedrals. 

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are two of the most beautiful cities in America...two cities tucked into a vast forest with a mighty river flowing through.  It is easy for us to get carried away, as you can see!

We look forward to meeting and guiding you around the Twin Cities.





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