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Twin Cities Tour

Our Twin Cities Tour is ideal for an efficient look around both Minneapolis and St. Paul.   Many guests schedule this early in their visit so they know what museums, attractions, etc., to come back to later when you have more time.

Some areas/attractions covered are both downtown areas, multiple views of the Mississippi River, University of Minnesota, sports stadiums. beautiful homes, waterfalls, lakes, parks, and much more.

A minimum 4-hour tour budgets about 30 minutes for stops.

Photos Below:

  • Canal between Minneapolis lakes
  • Downtown Minneapolis
  • Mississippi River midway between the two cities.
  • Downtown Saint Paul
  • The loon – Minnesota State Bird  Listen



Cathedrals and Churches

The Twin Cities are abundantly blessed with several classical-style churches and cathedrals.  When possible, this tour takes you inside to appreciate the grandeur of sacred space, sculpture, stained glass, and architecture.  The tour includes the Cathedral of Saint Paul and the Basilica of St. Mary, considered two of North America's most beautiful, as well as several inspiring churches representing various faiths.

The tour duration varies by the number of churches visited.  Figure 45 minutes per church. Tours are a minimum four hours.

Experience the wonders of the Great Architect in these places of worship in two of America’s most beautiful cities:  Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Pictures from top to bottom.  These represent only a few of many available to visit.

  • (Above) Replica of Michalangelo’s “Pieta” – Cathedral of Saint Paul
  • (Below) Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
  • Lakewood Chapel
  • Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church












Architecture Tour


Nature embraces the Twin Cities.  Minneapolis and Saint Paul are nested in a vast evergreen and hardwood forest with lakes, streams, waterfalls, and the Mighty Mississippi River, which flows the 13 miles between them through a lush valley. 

This is the perfect setting for magnificent neighborhoods of architecturally stunning homes.

Taking an architecture tour of the two cities is through two, fascinating, open-air museums repesenting two distinct architectural epochs. 

Although the two cities were born about the same time, around 1840, Saint Paul, because it was a river port, private enterprise city, it matured much earlier.  Hence, its architecture reflects a European and Victorian-Era influence.   Upstream, Minneapolis, in its early going, was a closed government operaton developing the hydro power of Saint Anthony Falls.  By the time Minneapolis was beginning develope as a city, due to development of lumbering, flour milling and railroads, the eager seeds of Prairie School styles were exploding out of Chicago across the land, finding welcome in Minneapolis. 

The commercial buildings are much the same, with Saint Paul representing more of an Eastern type city; Minneapolis, meanwhile, is  taller, shinier, glitzier, Western-style.  It is where East meets West.  Each city is absolutely charming in its own way, as you will see and appreciate. Minneapolis skyscrapers include works by architects Cesar Pelli, I.M. Pei, Phillip Johnson, Jean Nouvel and Frank Gehry. 

In Minneapolis, the new $1.1 billion Minnesota Vikings football stadium (pictured below) is an angular marvel!  It suggests an ancient Viking ship bearing muscular, sweaty, aggressive guys fighting over an oddly shaped ball. ;-)

A question to ponder during the tour: In which city would you prefer to live?   You will see strong arguments for both.

Here is a small sampling of Twin Cities architecture.

  • (Above) Lake of the Isles home, Minneapolis
  • USBank Stadium of Vikings football team, Minneapolis
  • Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, Minneapolis
  • James J. Hill Mansion, Saint Paul
  • State Governor’s Mansion, Saint Paul
  • Weisman Art Musuem, Minneapolis, Frank Gehry, architect

Frank Lloyd Wright designed













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