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Below are the tour selections for you to consider.  We can also combine tours, or customize one according to your special interests.

The Mississippi River

Left, guide Douglas Rosenquist

The great Mississippi River is close to 500 miles old by the time it passes through the Twin Cities.  It begins in northern Minnesota.  As the river flows, Minneapolis and St. Paul are about 14 miles apart. It passes over St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis, which powered giant flour mills in the past century; then it flows past the University of Minnesota, through the only deep gorge in the entire length of the River, past Historic St. Snelling, then on to the Capitol City, Saint Paul. 

Saint Paul is the northernmost port on the river. 

The Mississippi River is called the Father of Waters.  However, it is still in its teens as it passes through the Twin Cities, though it does a lot of growing by the time it leaves St. Paul, becoming busy with barges, tourist and fishing boats.

The long 2550-mile journey from its source at Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico will take a drop of water about 90 days.

On this tour, you will have an opportunity to walk across the river on the Stone Arch Bridge (see below).  We will also drive several bridges, so you'll get very good views and photo ops.

Visit the Captain's Blog/Mississippi River for expanded information on the Mississippi River as it passes through Minnesota and the Twin Cities.





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