Minneapolis and St. Paul Architecture

Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota.  Frank Gehry, 1996

For lovers of architecture and the brilliant artists who create it, the Twin Cities offer a prodigious parade to delight the visual senses.   

To write about it all would be even more overwhelming.  I’ll just hit a few highlights for you here.  

If you wish the very most comprehensive book on Minneapolis and Saint Paul architecture, I recommend the AIA Guide to the Twin Cities by Larry Millett.

These pages summarize the following categories of architecture in the Minneapolis & Saint Paul area: 





Architecture tours of the Twin Cities


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Twin Cities Tour

Sightseeing tours of Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, and the Capitol City of Saint Paul.

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Cathedrals and Churches

This tour visits many classical-style cathedrals and churches throughout the Twin Cities area.

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Architecture Tour

A stunning parade of magnificent homes, in addition to churches and impressive modern architecture by famous architects.

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Thank you, Doug, for helping me with research for my novel by catering our tour of St. Paul to places and information important for my book. Your knowledge about St. Paul's history is incredible. Your enthusiasm is contagious. By the end of our tour, I had enough information and excitement about St. Paul to write several books. I would recommend Twin Cities Tour to anyone seeking a personalized, enjoyable tour of the Twin Cities.

Sherry D., Phoenix, Arizona
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