• Rose Garden
    Lyndale Rose Garden
  • Mississippi River
    The Mississippi River valley between Minneapolis and Saint Paul
  • Cathdrals & Churches Tour - Lakewood Chapel
    Cathedrals & Churches Tour
  • Summit Avenue, St. Paul
    Summit Avenue in Saint Paul
  • Lake Harriet Bandshell
    Lake Harriet Bandshell - Minneapolis
  • Hiawatha and Minnehaha
    Hiawatha and Minnehaha
  • Landmark Center - Saint Paul
    Landmark Center - Saint Paul
  • Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
    Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
  • Gehry-designed Weisman Art Museum
    Frank Gehry-designed Weisman Art Museum
  • Canal connecting Minneapolis lakes
    Canal connecting Minneapolis lakes

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Twin Cities Tour

Sightseeing tours of Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, and the Capitol City of Saint Paul.

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Cathedrals and Churches

This tour visits many classical-style cathedrals and churches throughout the Twin Cities area.

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Architecture Tour

A stunning parade of magnificent homes, in addition to churches and impressive modern architecture by famous architects.

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